I am very excited to announce the launch of where you can find all of my SaaS apps to work alongside Intune and take your management further. It includes: Deploy Intune – Paid A new look to my automated Intune landing zone tool. Within 10 minutes you can deploy a full Intune environment … Read more

Autopilot Device Identifier with Graph – Now in Get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity

I have just published an update to the get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity PowerShell script available here: Or from the PS Gallery This new version has options to work with the new Autopilot Device Identifier functionality: New parameter “-identifier” tells it to use the new functionality and not the hash Thie can be used with either -online or … Read more

Comparing Package Managers

Introduction Packaging, deploying and updating applications can be hugely time consuming, especially when trying to keep on top of the latest zero-day exploit in your apps (I’m looking at you Chrome!) Fortunately there are now a handful of package managers available to take away this pain, especially useful when you have multiple customers with largely … Read more

Planning your Intune/Autopilot Migration

Moving to a fully managed Intune/Autopilot/Entra ID setup is not an overnight task, it needs careful planning and migration, no-one is expecting you to wipe every device and instantly move to Autopilot, that simply isn’t realistic for larger organisations. That’s not to say give up now and don’t bother, especially with Windows 10 EOL looming … Read more

Microsoft Intune PowerShell app reg and scripts EOL

If you have ever used the original GitHub selection of PowerShell Intune Samples from Microsoft at the URL below, it will have included a hard-coded application registration (multi-tenant) which will be removed from the Microsoft tenant on 1st April and at that point your scripts will stop working. How do I know if I … Read more

Automating Intune corporate device identifiers

If you deal with Teams Rooms devices, you will no doubt have come across device identifiers as a way of specifying certain devices to enroll as corporate rather than personal. This post won’t cover what they are or how to manually add them as that is well covered on the Microsoft site: Instead we … Read more

Winget PowerShell module

I’ve been using Winget for a while now and whilst it’s fantastic, the command line interface sometimes wasn’t ideal, especially as I tend to live in PowerShell and like to be able to manipulate the output a bit. For my winget scripts, I have been using some functions put together for an old Microsoft event … Read more